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Best Science Book Series for Early Chapter Readers

Best Science Book Series for Early Chapter Readers

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Welcome to Book Week everyone! I hope that your costumes are sorted!

In honour of Book Week, I am sharing my absolute favourite science related book series with you.

I can’t remember where I first read about Zoey and Sassafras but I couldn’t be happier that we bought the first book in the series, Dragons and Marshmallows. 

As soon as we finished that book, Lily turned to the back cover and discovered that there were two more in the series. She begged me to buy them. It didn’t take much convincing.
Zoey is around 8 or 9 years old. She is a budding scientist with an interest in the natural world. Her cat Sassafras is her faithful companion.

Asia Citro has created a world for Zoey and Sassafras in a familiar setting, but one in which Zoey, Zoey’s mum and Sassafras can see magical creatures. Not sounding so sciencey? Wait, there’s more.

In the Marshmallows and Dragons, Zoey uses scientific method and real science experiments to work out how to help a sick baby dragon. She keeps a journal in which she records the problem that needs to be solved, her hypotheses and observations.

The best part for me is that Zoey makes mistakes, she gets discouraged by them but she never gives up.

We finished each book over four nights and we are now desperately awaiting the next instalment in this series which is due out later this year. I have pre-ordered ours!

can’t recommend these books any more highly. I have enjoyed reading them to Lily as much as she has enjoyed listening to them.

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