Free Printable Rainbows & Light Colouring Page

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Free Printable Rainbows & Light Colouring Page

Free printable colouring page showing how rainbows are made

Free printable

When I created the Rainbows & Light science kit I also worked with an incredible artist Paula Kuka from Common Wild to create a beautiful piece of art that illustrates how rainbows are made.

The illustration is available in the shop as a beautiful A2 poster because there is no reason that science should not be fun and beautiful as well as fascinating.

The poster has been so popular, that I have decided to release it as a printable colouring sheet for your kids to enjoy and learn from. So, without further ado, please feel free to download your colouring page here.

And if your child loves everything colours and light then have a look at our fabulous Rainbows & Light kit!

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