Callum's Incredible Construction Kit

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Callum's Incredible Construction Kit by Jonathan Emmett

A book for budding engineers and building lovers

This is a brilliant book for kids who love to build and create. It is all about how imagination can lead to fabulous creations.

Callum loves to build. And when he is given the most incredible construction kit for his birthday, his imagination runs riot! Callum takes his kit everywhere, and it comes in very handy. But as his constructions get bigger and bigger, the house begins to groan under the weight. Suddenly...CCRRRUUMMMFFFF!! the house crashes to the ground! Callum’s construction skills are about to be put to the ultimate test!

Both Lily (7) and Ethan (3) love this book. There is a massive fold out page at the end and Ethan is particularly fascinated by the picture on this page. They both find that the book gets them in the mood to construct amazing things with Duplo and Lego as well as cardboard and anything else that they can find.

This is a great addition to any collection of STEM books and is a terrific prompt if you have decided to have a day of building forts or making other fun creations!

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