Rainbows and Light Science Kit

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Who says science and magic don't mix?

Everyone loves a rainbow but most of us can't explain the science behind how they occur. Never fear, as always at Curious Kids' Science we've got your back. Using the Rainbows and Light Science Kit, your kids will learn about light refraction (the key ingredient in rainbow making) as well as reflection, how the eyes process light, create their own rainbow from coloured lollies, test to see if black ink is really black and so much more!

This kit contains everything you need for 5 in-depth investigations of colour and light, including:

- A faceted prism to split light into it's component colours

- A DIY kaleidoscope

- Tools to make a rainbow from Skittles®

- DIY colour mixing spinners

- Ink chromatography

In addition to containing everything you need to conduct the experiments, the kit comes with detailed experiment cards that set out the steps for kids to follow and a simple but accurate explanation of the science. There is also a journal for recording notes and observations (either in pictures or writing so that even the youngest scientists can use it) as well as the Grown-Up's Guide packed with ideas to extend and build on the experiments in the kit to ensure that kids can enjoy it over and over again!

The Rainbows and Light kit is suitable for Curious Kids aged 4 to 11-years old but will be enjoyed by everyone in the whole family.