Rainbows & Light Poster Value Pack

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Get two colour and optics kits, a beautifully illustrated story about how rainbows are really made (yep a fiction book that steps out the science), a poster for their bedroom AND bag a 20% discount!

The Rainbows & Light Value Pack has:

The Rainbows & Light science kit, including:

- A faceted prism to split light into it's component colours

- A DIY kaleidoscope

- Tools to make a rainbow from Skittles®

- DIY colour mixing spinners

- Ink chromatography

In addition to containing everything you need to conduct the experiments, the kit comes with detailed experiment cards that give step-by-step instructions for kids to follow and a simple but accurate explanation of the science for each experiment.

There is also a journal for recording notes and observations (either in pictures or writing so that even the youngest scientists can use it) as well as the Grown-Up's Guide packed with ideas to extend and build on the experiments in the kit to ensure that kids can enjoy it over and over again! 

The Coloured Paddle Light kit, including:

- Six Montessori inspired coloured perspex paddles

- A torch (batteries included)

- A parent's guide yo help you and your children explore colour science.

Who Stole the Rainbow

A spectacularly special detective story about discovering where rainbows really come from and why they disappear.

Rainbow Poster

A beautifully illustrated poster with simple illustrations that show how rainbows are formed and featuring gorgeous Australian animals so that this educational art work will be right at home on any child's bedroom.