Chemistry-in-Action Value Pack

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Save nearly 20% with this incredible bundle!

The Chemistry-in-Action Value Pack Kit includes:

- The Chemistry-in-Action science kit

- A refill kit with 125g of sodium bicarbonate and citric acid

- A child size lab coat

5 Simple and Fascinating Experiments

The Chemistry-in-Action kit contains everything that you and your kids need to do 5 fabulous chemistry experiments. The science experiments are all easy to do and each one comes with its own instruction card that has a clear step-by-step explanation of what to do and a simple but accurate explanation of the science involved.

The great thing about the experiments in this kit is that they have been designed to show not only what a chemical reaction looks like but also what it can do. Each experiment is also designed to build on the learning from the last one. The kit allows kids to:

- Test the pH of liquids

- Make a volcano erupt

- Inflate a balloon using a chemical reaction

- Make a mini rocket and launch it with simple chemistry

- Extract casein protein from milk to make plastic

The kit also comes with a journal for recording predictions (hypotheses) and observations. The journal has been designed so that children aged 4 to 6-years-old can draw their predictions and observations if they aren't yet able to write them.

In addition to all that, you also get a "Grown-Up's Guide" which has been created to help you extend the experiments in the kit and your kids' enjoyment of them by offering age appropriate suggestions for incorporating play or independent research into the activities. There are also suggestions for changes to methods and additional ingredients from the kitchen to help you create even more experiments to do together.

Chemistry-in-Action Refills

When my first few customers bought the kit, some of them reported that their kids had so much fun doing things like the volcano experiment that they went through all of the "chemicals" (the chemicals in the kit are kitchen based items, glucaric acid, sodium bicarbonate and vinegar) and wanted to buy more.

Because I love my customers and I LOVE that the kids just wanted to keep going, I created a refill kit. Instead of buying the refills separately at a later time, you can save time and money by grabbing this value pack.

Lab Coat

This great scientist lab coat, combined with the lab goggles that come inside the Chemistry-in-Action kit will ensure that your child looks and feels the part of a brilliant scientist.