Fundraising Science Kit

Do you need a fundraiser that doesn't require a bus load of volunteers?

We've got the solution.

Do you want a fundraising product that parents actually want to buy?

We've got your product!

We have chemistry kits that are specifically designed for children aged 4 to 11-years-old. The kits can be sold through your school or club as a fundraising activity.

How does it work?

Our kits are sold for $33. For every kit purchased by a member of your school or club during a fundraising period, we will give you $8.

There are no minimum purchase requirements.

What we do

  • Send you a sample kit.
  • Provide you with a notice to print and email to your community.
  • Provide translations to other languages if required.
  • Give you a code that is exclusive to your fundraiser.
  • Take orders through our web site.
  • Provide you with details of purchasers so you can distribute the kits.
  • Arrange for delivery on your nominated delivery day.
  • Transfer the funds raised to your nominated account.

What you do

  • Let your community or members know about the fundraising event.
  • Distribute the kits to people who have purchased them!

That's it!

Get started now!

E-mail Rachel at 

Or call on 0408 607 864.


We can't wait to hear from you!