Fundraising for schools, daycare centres and community groups

Do you find fundraising stressful, time consuming and hard to organise? Are you concerned about allergies, door knocking and reconciling items/money?

Curious Kids’ Science kits are an effortless and stress free way to raise funds for your school. And the added bonus? Kids and adults alike love the kits and get to learn about chemistry together.

What are these kits?

Chemistry-in-Action kits are bursting at the seams with fun, educational chemistry activities for 4 to 11-year-old children (and those young at heart). The kits include experiments, instructions and explanations of the experiments and reactions.

A Grown Up’s Guide with up to 12 more experiments is also included. The kits are great for birthday presents, weekend investigations or just some school holiday fun. Read more on our Chemistry-in-Action product page.

How does it work?

For every kit that is purchased using a unique code during the fundraising period, you will receive $10 from the $37.95 cost.

How easy is it?

All you need for a Chemistry-in-Action fundraiser is one volunteer and a couple of hours to:

  1. communicate the fundraiser to the parents and school community using the personalised emails we send you.
  2. distribute the kits when they are delivered at the end of the fundraising campaign.

It’s really that simple!!

What we do?

We organise the rest:

  1. personalised emails to send to the parents and the school community about the fundraiser.
  2. managing orders of the science kits via

At the end of the fundraiser we also:

  1. send through all details for easy distribution of the kids.
  2. get the kits delivered.
  3. transfer the funds to your nominated bank account.

Are you ready for effortless fundraising?

Kick start your fundraising and say yes to unforgettable fundraising that the adults and kids will love.


Want to know more?

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