Our Story

Mother and daughter laughing on a beanbag. Curious Kids' Science owner Rachel Brittliff


I'm Rachel the founder of Curious Kids’ Science and a lawyer. What’s law got to do with science kits? Well, nothing - but enter my daughter Lily and her love of science and things changed!

Lily’s love of science

When Lily was three years old she came home from day-care and said she wanted to do an “experience”. Thinking it was an odd request I asked her about the experience that she wanted to do. It turned out they had done an experiment with bicarbonate of soda and vinegar which made a big fizzy mess that had captivated Lily. She wanted more!

The volcano experiment from the Chemistry-in-Action kit from Curious Kids' Science

Science experiments

Not having any recent exposure to science, I took to Google to find out what I could do safely and easily with a 3 year old. I found some experiments and that worked for us, but that didn’t last long. We ran out of basic experiments quickly and found many sites with age appropriate experiments didn’t include accurate science explanations.

A year later, and with a 1 year old, I went back to work 4 days a week. Finding new experiments and researching explanations was becoming overwhelming. We wanted to keep doing the experiments and I took to Google again, but this time I was looking to buy a ready made solution.

I couldn’t find anything in Australia suitable for children under 8. And the kits that were for children aged 8 plus had explanations that were often quite poor.

Investigator Rachel

Whilst Googling science experiments to do with Lily, I:

  • discovered a study in the U.S. showed that by the age of 6, girls were likely to think that boys were better at science than girls! Read the article here

  • read that this belief becomes engrained over time and by high school many girls are convinced that science is not a subject for them, and that they tend to put their efforts into areas where they ‘think’ that they are more talented. Read more here

    The idea that my daughter’s natural curiosity and love of science could be squashed made me feel very determined. I want both my kids to feel that they can do whatever they put their minds to, gender simply should not be an issue!

    Curious Kids’ Science Kit Invented

    My desire to foster Lily’s love of science led us to create Curious Kids’ Science. I believe that a curious and methodical mind stands children in good stead and I want to support kids to develop these skills.

    Over the period of a year, I worked with approximately 20 children aged between 4 and 10 years old. We conducted  a range of different experiments and observed the ones that appealed to kids between those ages.

    Next came the experiment cards, I developed cards to explain the experiments and had them reviewed by a chemistry academic. We then got the children to use them and made some adjustments. I then scoured the internet for the right equipment, ordered it (now that was an ordeal) and finally we kicked off in February 2017!

    Chemistry is Lily’s favourite types of science and so that is why we kicked off our business with our Chemistry-in-Action kit, but we won’t stop there … In fact, Lily has already decided on the theme for kit #2 and is busy thinking up what we need to include. Lily and I have a shared dream of creating a whole range of science kits for Curious Kids everywhere, so stay tuned.

    In the mean time, check out the Chemistry-in-Action kit, it's action packed and waiting for you right here!