Australian Rainbow Poster

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This incredible 70cm x 50cm educational poster has been custom designed for Curious Kids' Science. It simply and accurately illustrates the science of rainbows without the feel of an educational poster.

Instead this poster will bring cheer and joy into the bedroom of any child while helping them to learn the science of optics.

The poster was specifically designed to feature Australian animals so that Aussie kids can engage with and relate to it as well as enjoy it!

This poster would also make a great classroom resource for teachers and homeschoolers!

If you love our Australian Rainbow poster and would like to explore the science of colour and light further with your children in a home or classroom setting, you will also love our Rainbows & Light value pack, the Rainbows & Light science kit or our Coloured Paddle Light Mixing kit.

Whatever you decide to get, we promise that you and the kids will love it!