Chemistry-in-Action - Science Kit

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Science Beakers  Robot

Family fun - quality time away from the screens.

All-Inclusive Science Kits - no last-minute trips to the shops!

Safe for young children 4-11 years.

Checklist Reaction Scientist

Educational parent guide and child journals help explain the science behind the reactions.

Over 15 fun interactive experiment that develops scientific problem solving with play.

Experiments have been professionally validated and tested.


Do something different with your kids!

We all love spending quality time with our kids but time is often not on our side. Finding things that everyone in the family will have fun with but not take a whole lot of preparation can be difficult.

Enter our Chemistry-in-Action kit. How great would it be to hear “will you play with me?” and instead of feeling panic-stricken about coming up with an easy, age-appropriate idea, you could just grab our chemistry kit from a shelf and get cracking – indoors or out?

What’s in the Science Kit?

Your science kit includes everything that your children need (except milk) to conduct 5 fun and interesting science experiments.

Each experiment has its own instruction card that clearly sets out:

  • An introduction to the experiment.
  • The tools and chemicals required.
  • The method for conducting the experiment.
  • An explanation of how the science works.

There’s also a journal for taking notes, a grown-up’s guide to help you make the absolute most out of the kit and of course all of the equipment and chemicals you need.
But, just in case the word “chemicals” makes you nervous, don’t be. The items included in the kit are safe for kids as young as 4-years-old to work with.

How do Chemistry-in-Action Kits work?

The experiments are designed to build an understanding of the ways in which a chemical reaction between an acid and alkali (base) can be observed. Each experiment is fun in its own right so kids will hardly even notice that they are learning.

Using Chemistry-in-Action Kits

  • Learn to find whether a substance is acidic or basic and how to use that information when conducting experiments
  • Use a chemical reaction to simulate a volcano eruption
  • Watch what happens when a chemical reaction takes place in a tube sealed by a balloon
  • Launch a rocket using the force from a chemical reaction
  • Make plastic from milk

There are hours and hours of fun and investigation contained in every kit. We guarantee that the experiments aren't one hit wonders, your kid will want to do them again and again.

You choose how long it takes!

The experiments can be set up, done and packed away in less than 10 minutes.

But the Grown-Up’s Guide in every kit comes with suggestions for more than 15 extensions to the experiments so that you can try variations or do related experiments with just a few extra ingredients from the cupboard.

We've done the hard work so you know they'll have fun and learn a thing or two!

We've spent more than 400 hours working with our daughter and other children, discussing and doing experiments to decide what we should include in our kit.

We've spoken to primary school teachers and science teachers to understand the skills that children need to develop to successfully engage in science at school.

We've interviewed scientists to discover what engaged them in science as children and to discover the skills that they believe are critical to their current success.

So all that is left for you is to grab one today and have fun learning with your kids!