Chemistry-in-Action Book Value Pack

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This is the ultimate gift for a science loving kid!

Curated especially to inspire children aged between 4 and 6-years-old, the Chemistry-in-Action Book Value Pack comes with a special book about a scientist who is just like them!

Save more than 20% with this incredible bundle. Make sure that your little one looks the part when they conduct their science experiments using the Chemistry-in-Action kit. They will not only have everything they need for their experiments but also a lab coat and more than enough chemicals to keep exploring for months to come.

The value pack includes:

- Your choice of one of two beautiful hard cover books

- The Chemistry-in-Action kit

- A refill kit with 125g of sodium bicarbonate and 75g of citric acid

- A child size lab coat

Kids love stories and many relate to and learn better from fiction than non-fiction at a young age.

The inclusion of Pirate, Viking & Scientist will create a sense of excitement around science for children and also to help them see themselves as scientists and problem solvers.

Giving the gift of Blast Off will take kids into the world of outer space and create a great launch pad (pun intended) for the rocket experiment in the kit.

Click here for the complete list of contents of the Chemistry-in-Action kit