Here at Curious Kids Science, we help busy families spend quality time with their kids by developing hassle-free, educational science kits and fun experiments for young children.


Our daughter LOVES the science kit - she just keeps wanting to try the next experiment, and to see them again once she's done them. The instructions are easy to follow and the results are easy to obtain, which is perfect even for little people who get bored easily!

Natasha, Mother of Tessa (5yrs)

I bought the chemistry set for my nieces a while ago and they just can't get enough. They love the goggles and all the experiments. As soon as the experiment is over they want to do it again or try another one. Thanks for making playing and learning with them easy. Keep those boxes coming!

Katie (Son 6yrs - Siblings 4 & 9yrs)

Using Curious Kids’ Science kits for fundraising at our school was a no brainer for us. It was so easy! All of the parent information, fliers and emails were written and customised to our school and sent to us. We were so pleased to be offering a product that was both educational and fun and the whole process required just one volunteer and 2 hours of our time.

Best of all, it raised about the same amount of money as many of our far more volunteer intensive fundraisers.

Ashfield State School. P & C President 2017